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Several years ago, I spent two weeks in Phoenix, Arizona attending some training for a new job. Friday evening during the first week, I sat in my hotel room trying to figure out what I was going to do during the weekend. It was my first visit to Phoenix and I really had no clue on what my options might be. It was mid-August, and with daytime temperatures climbing well over 100, I really didn't see myself spending a lot of time outside. Boy was I wrong!

I called my wife and as we updated each other on our daily happenings I finally asked her the question, "What should I do this weekend?" Without hesitation she replied, "You have to go see the Grand Canyon!" I hadn't thought of that, but I had a rental car and after realizing it was closer than I thought, I decided that's what I would do.

After talking with the hotel front desk I made plans to leave Phoenix around midnight. I wanted to give myself plenty of time to make it to the canyon for sunrise and, according to the guy at the front desk, it was at least a 5 hour drive. Turns out 5 hours was a very conservative estimate. I made it in about 3. The other thing I realized during the drive was that, when driving north from Phoenix, the elevation changes drastically...and the temperatures drop.

So, here's a Wyoming boy, now living in Kansas, standing in a bus line at the Grand Canyon at 4:30am in wind, rain, and 55 degree weather wearing nothing but shorts and a t-shirt. I looked a little unprepared! But, I did have my trusty, ol' Fuji Finepix camera and was determined to get some good pictures that morning.

I ended up all alone watching sunrise over the Grand Canyon from Pima Point. It was absolutely amazing! I spent the rest of the day walking the entire Rim Trail west of Grand Canyon Village snapping pictures along the way.

I'd like to say that I got some outstanding pictures from that visit. At the time, I thought they were pretty good, but looking back on them now, they're just ok. But, that day completely changed my life! Since then, photography has become a passion for me and I strive to take the best pictures possible. Sometimes the stars and planets align just right and I get the picture I envisioned. I can't exactly explain how it feels when that happens, but it's a great feeling! Other times I may wind up with nothing except a learning experience and I'm ok with that because I understand the difficulties involved in trying to get great pictures.

I hope you enjoy my images!
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